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At E. Brown Legal, it's all about leaving a legacy.  Whether that's through estate planning or protecting your business as it grows.  Attorney Eilene Brown is passionate about helping families and business owners protect their legacy.

Attorney Eilene Brown specializes in Wills, Living Wills and Powers of Attorney for all of your estate planning needs.

Attorney Brown is also passionate about helping women entrepreneurs launch and grow their business with a strong legal foundation, which includes legally sound contracts and business entity formation (such as LLCs). Eilene’s specialty is making the legal language simple, understandable and relatable.


Powers of Attorney

Medical Directive - Living Will




Here's what a few happy clients are saying:

"LaJuan H."

Working with Attorney Eilene Brown was wonderful. She made me feel comfortable about finally coming to a decision. Attorney Brown made this process so easy for me, and most importantly, she was there for me to answer any questions that I had.

"Ashley D."

I was not sure what to expect but overall this process was great for me.  Attorney Eilene Brown made working with her simple and straight forward.


What are business legal essentials?

The basic business legal essentials are all about protecting your business - with Contracts and LLCs.

Business entity formation (an LLC or Inc.) + contracts.

Forming an entity outside of you that can operate and stand in its own right, and separate from your personal assets. In fact, when you form your business entity, you protect and insulate your personal assets from liability.

Are you here because you are a hardworking entrepreneur and your business is starting to thrive.  The problem is you need help and don't know who you can trust.  You want to protect your assets and confidential business information and you are a do-it yourself kind of person.  Well, for all my DIYers I have created a template shop just for you with a few of my tried and true contracts that I have used for many of my clients over the years.

Or are you the entrepreneur who started your business with just you and a plan?  Now your business has flourished right before your eyes and has become so much more.  You're ready to get serious and operate as a true business and not a hobby anymore.  You want your business to have an identity of its own. The problem is that you don't know where or how to start. For my new entrepreneurs, I have created an all-in-one package for you to form and file your LLC without the necessity to hire a lawyer.  The QuickStart LLC package contains an informational section, a Guide and a template for you to get your LLC filed in a matter of hours.

If any of that sounds like you, I have had success with helping many business owners just like you legalize their businesses and get their business entity created, privacy policy, terms and conditions and operating agreement in a matter of days. 

Still have questions? Check out the FREE Legal Health Checklist for your business.  - - - This checklist is full of information that will assist you in taking a close look at the legal health of your business. This valuable information is ready for your immediate use, to start you well on your way towards not only creating a business you love, but creating a business you can protect for a lifetime.

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