Work With Me ~ Calling all Lawyers

1:1 Business Clarity Coaching

Work with our experienced estate planning attorney to accelerate your goals.  If you have been working in a firm and feel like you are working long billable hours without any passion or purpose and you are ready to get off that cycle and take back your life then this is for you. This is a full-day one-to-one immersion experience that will help get you unstuck and propel you forward to provide a clear roadmap to design, start, grow and maintain your own law practice. So that you can live life on your own terms.

5-Week Guided Support + Strategy Sessions

If you are anything like I was and you are ready to step out and create a life and a business that you love, you will want to join this 5-week program.  In this signature program That Legal Life you will receive Guided Support + Strategy Sessions. We will share tips and tools to create a transactional estate planning WFA (work from anywhere) legal business that you’ll love. If you gave law school 3 years why not give us 30 days to help you get started on a new path to financial freedom and flexibility in your life to thrive not just survive.

Clarity Coaching Call

If you are unsure of your next move and you want clarity on how to find your purpose and your passion, this 50-minute clarity call will get your firmly on the path creating a life you’ll love.