What’s In A Name…

Let’s be clear. A name is not just a name when it comes to business.  There’s more to consider.

When selecting a name for your business, you should consider these 3 things:

1) be clear about who you are (what you are about, what you value, what image you want to convey); when you are selecting your business name, think about whether you are communicating clearly who you are to your customers; think about whether you are attracting the right clients (those you really want to provide goods & services to); think about whether you want to attract more of those same clients.

2) be clear about your message: for example, if your company is about fun then show light, fun, vibrancy, inject some levity & humor.

3) be clear about your brand & the audience you are targeting; if your ideal clients are millennials then put your brand out & advertise where the millennials are; if your target market is seniors guide your marketing efforts to attract seniors etc. etc. The key is to stay aware of your target market in all of your branding efforts.

Bonus tip:  I’m throwing this in as a bonus tip.  Once you have selected your business name make sure to form your business entity (LLC or Inc.) with your state so that you can lock in your right to use the name for business. If you are interested in creating an LLC and don’t know where or how to start, purchase my QuickStart LLC package.  The easy-to-use Guide and template is perfectly priced for new start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level and secure their assets with business entity formation as they expand and grow.

If you are already in business, does your business name reflect the brand image you want to convey as well as the customers you want to attract?
If you are a new entrepreneur considering starting a business, how can you make sure that your name clearly communicates what your business is about and the goods & services you plan to provide?
If not, what are the next 3 steps you can take today to improve or change your business name today. If you need my help – call or email me at ebrown@ebrownlegal.com today.
I will be happy to help you secure your business name if you are unsure about.

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Be empowered to be the difference you want to see. Here’s to your entrepreneurial journey & success! Comment below on what makes your journey worth it. I’d love to hear from you.

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