The best way to protect the people and possessions most important to you is to have an estate plan.  Your estate plan consists of 3 documents. A Will, a Power of Attorney and a Medical Directive/Living Will.  You need all 3 documents to truly have peace 0f mind.

If you are like most people you don't want to think about Wills, Powers of Attorney or Living Wills. I know it seems daunting. That's where I come in.  I make the process simple and understandable.  I know you are busy living life and want an easy process.  That's why I have created a free checklist to get you started. Just enter your email to download now!

A Will outlines what should happen to your assets (belongings and finances) when you pass away. With a Will, you get to have the ultimate say.

Did you Know That...? You need a Will if...

✔You have a blended family

✔You are single

✔You want to name a Guardian for your children

✔You want to leave assets to your nieces, nephews or charity

✔You want to leave assets in trust for your children under the age of 18

✔Your name is not on all of your spouse’s assets

Wills Workshop

If you are in the MD/DC metropolitan area be sure to sign up for my signature Wills Workshop where you can have your Will drafted, signed and witnessed all in one day.  Click here for the next scheduled Workshop date. Remember, this is not a Seminar, this a Workshop. When you register for this Workshop you will leave with your Will completely done, signed and witnessed all in a matter of hours. If you have any questions, email

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Powers of Attorney

I know you are young and beautiful and you are living life like its golden right now. But are you prepared for the what ifs in life. Are you prepared if you have an accident and you are permanently or even temporarily incapacitated; Do you have a power of attorney?

A Power of Attorney puts someone else in charge of making financial decisions on your behalf should you become unable to make those decisions for yourself.

People most commonly think of a Power of Attorney when they are advanced in age and nearing retirement.  But truth be told it's best to set up a power of attorney while you are young and healthy because you never know when you will need it -- incapacity does not always send a warning signal.

Living Will/Advanced Medical Directive

Are you prepared if you have to go in for an emergency medical procedure, who will make healthcare decisions for you; your mom your dad your sister your brother your spouse your children?

Do you have a Living Will or a health care power of attorney giving someone that authority to make medical decisions for you. What if you should suddenly, without warning, have a heart attack, seizure, stroke, aneurism, or accident that leaves you incapacitated and you don't get the luxury of planning -- are you prepared.  Do you have a Living Will that states who you want to  make these pertinent medical decisions on your behalf and/or whether you want to be on life support.  I know it's not a pleasant thought - - but life can get all too real sometimes.  So it's better to be prepared.  Call now to make your appointment.  Don't delay. Do this not only for you but your family to give them peace of mind knowing what you want can spare them the agonizing tough decisions at was is already an emotional time.

No More Procrastination…Make Your Someday Today!

Without a Will the future of your assets is left up to chance and vulnerable to arguments and confusion.  The best benefit of drafting your Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will now is that you have time.  It's never too soon! The sooner you begin, the more time you can spend loving your family and growing your legacy.  Creating a Will means writing your own legacy - - and I am certain that what you want to do is leave a legacy for those you love the most not a headache.

Client Testimonial:

"Mary B."

Working with Attorney Eilene Brown was a relief.  I finally got my mind made up when my sister got sick to have my Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will done. The paperwork was done quickly and everything was convenient.

"LaJuan H."

Working with Attorney Eilene Brown was wonderful. She made me feel comfortable about finally coming to a decision to have my Will done. Attorney Brown made this process so easy for me, and most importantly, she was there for me to answer any questions that I had.