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Hello! I am Eilene Brown.  Let's talk...

People often procrastinate when it comes to making a Will.

With all of us running busy lives, to keep it real, your Will simply does not get checked off of the to-do list.

As a solution, I have created my signature Workshop where you leave with a fully completed Will when it’s done! The best thing is the workshop is $275 which is half the cost of my usual legal fee for a Will. You can get your Will done in a weekend and check this important item off of your to-do list as DONE.

That’s right, give me a couple of hours of your time and you’ll leave with peace of mind – and your Will done. It’s that simple.

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Are you Ready to get your house in order and leave a legacy for those you love?

Workshop: Saturday January 26, 2019

Time: 10 am - 12 noon

Registration starts: January 4, 2019

Registration Ends: January 18, 2019

Space will be limited - Register Early!

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I look forward to seeing you there!


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Question #1 - Who is this Workshop for?

Answer - This Workshop is for you if:

✔you need a basic Will

✔if you own any assets (real or personal property) and you want to determine what happens to those assets

✔if you own a house or real property

✔if you have children

✔if you have a blended family

✔if you have recently adopted children

✔if you have recently lost a loved one and saw how trying it was without being prepared

✔if you are single and have no children and you want to decide exactly who will receive your assets (you know your situation better than the government does)

✔if you are tired of procrastinating

✔if you want to check this off of your to-do list as done

✔if you don’t want to spend weeks and months gathering documents and information

✔if you want an easy one-day all inclusive solution where you leave with your Will in hand

✔if you are serious about getting your Will done

Question #2 - Who isn’t this Workshop for?

Answer - This Workshop is not for you if:

✔if you own multiple properties or are a real estate investor

✔if you own a business and are trying to determine what to do with the business

✔if you are not a resident of Maryland or the District of Columbia (as I am licensed in these jurisdictions)

✔if you are not serious about getting your Will done

Question #3 - What about couples? Do we have to attend together?

Answer - Not necessarily. Each person has to have his/her own Will. Couples may attend together. But, you can always attend on your own. I've seen that done as well when one person in the couple is just not ready to do his/her Will. If you attend together there is an early bird discount of $50 off the registration fee when registering 2 people.

Question #4 - What do I need?

Answer - All you need is your laptop. Easy to follow instructions will be provided once you register.

*For any additional questions, please feel free to email me directly at

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