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25+ Years of Experience Serving Clients​

Eilene Brown, Esq. is dedicated to using her extensive knowledge of the law to make sure clients throughout the greater Bowie area enact their rights and have a say in what will happen to their assets and property after they pass away. Attorney Brown’s friendly demeanor and passion for assisting clients makes it easy to get all of the legal tools you need to draft a comprehensive estate plan.

Eilene developed a passion for wills and estate planning when she realized she wanted to connect more closely with clients one-on-one. Every business has a beginning, and attorney Brown’s started with her grandmother being her very first client. Her work has now grown to not only include seniors, but also professional women and young families with children. Helping people in what can be one of the most emotional times in their life never gets old, which is why Eilene is here to help you sort through your affairs and make a plan for the assets you have worked so hard to acquire.

Get Started Drafting Your Estate Plan Today

We know that your time is important, so when you work with attorney Brown, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a lot of advanced prep work. Instead, we will give you a simple 3-step process that will provide us with all of the information we need to develop an effective estate plan.

Clients in Bowie turn to attorney Brown to handle their estate planning matters because:

  • We offer fast, easy, and affordable legal services
  • We make planning relatable and approachable without a bunch of legalese
  • Unlike other attorneys, we do not charge an hourly rate